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Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

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Part two of The Bobby Brown Story was difficult to watch last night. Whereas the first two hours displayed the hood-to-riches rise for Brown from project kid to king of new jack swing, the latter hours showed his turbulent fall. And a time period in life marred by death. Brown faced countless tragedies and losses but he eventually found time to self-reflect, leading to him getting sober before addiction claimed his life.

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Keep scrolling for the stand-out moments from last night’s episode:

Bobby Brown Suffered A Stroke

The Bobby Brown jaw jokes are n longer funny as we found out why the Every Little Step performer slurred his words and suffered paralysis on one side of his mouth. According to a scene in the TV film, Brown suddenly collapsed, but might not have received medical treatment right away after Whitney hadn’t realized the severity of the incident. Brown was later rushed to the hospital where he denounced drugs with Whitney and Bobbi Kristina at his bedside.

Being Bobby Brown Was An Attempt To Clean Up His Image

Bobby Brown agreed to do Being Bobby Brown to change the public’s perception of him from the bad boy they saw in the media to the family guy he felt he truly was. Whitney agreed to do the show to support her man. However, the show exposed Whitney and Bobby’s addictive behavior. Brown was also in a financial rut and following the blueprint of other celebrities who ventured into reality TV for a lucrative pay day. Ultimately, Being Bobby Brown did little to boost their reputation, but in the long run in resulted in a much-needed wake up call. It also added to the breaking point of their marriage, resulting in their separation.

Whitney Snuck A Drug Dealer Into The House

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Bobby Brown got into a physical altercation with a man who Whitney snuck into the house. Brown was leaving for business when he doubled back to retrieve an item he left behind only to find Whitney and who he perceived to be a drug dealer. Brown was trying to stay sober and encouraging Whitney to get clean, but her rebellious spirit and addiction seemed to rule her decisions. Bobby apparently hit Whitney during the incident.

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