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What is “Infant Toddler Court”?  That was the question running through my mind when I first read the headline: “Infant Toddler Court” striving to expand caseload and reunite families. But the program,  Harris County’s Family Intervention – Infant Toddler Court, is struggling to expand. Of course, they need money. But, they also need more participants in the program.

The expansion is desirable because the program has worked to help more than 200 parents navigate the complicated Child Protective Services system; and 60 percent of children under age 3 have been returned to their sobered-up parents.

Black woman holding and comforting baby daughter

Source: JGI/Tom Grill / Getty

Bob Sanborn, president of the non-profit advocacy group Children at Risk commented “we have found that these specialty courts – especially when they deal with children – have been a good thing.”  Houston Chronicle writer Keri Blakinger shares the success story. Read more.