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You’ve got a college degree. You are a professional at what you do. You write well.  You speak well. With those qualities, you may think of representing yourself in court when what you need is an attorney. Even more, than the reasons I’ve already mentioned, one of the most prominent reasons is, quite simply, cost. […]

In every state, some lawyers specialize in the area of bankruptcy law.  For many people, bankruptcy is their only option to get out of debt. Some people struggle for months, even years, to manage their finances. After trying all other less radical solutions to their debt problems, they have to throw in the towel and […]


Log on to any social media site, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and you will see post after touting someone “Living My Best Life.” Do you know what that means? Since the phrase has become a meme, it has lost a lot of its meaning. However, the implication is clear. You are making great efforts to live […]

There are a few things we usually don’t talk about in polite company – politics and religion top the list. Being considerate about tricky topics is a good thing. Avoiding uncomfortable issues helps people feel at ease, but sometimes you have to get comfortable talking about unpleasant things. After watching a “Black-ish” rerun recently, it reminded […]

As I considered a New Year message our listeners and fans, I reflected on one of my personal “laws of success.” “To have more, we must become more.” However, we are wasting our time striving for more if we are not grateful for what we now have. So take a few moments and reflect. Make […]

For so many people, Christmas is about rampant commercialism. Many take this opportunity to try to keep up with the Joneses. They rush here and there, trying to keep up with a hectic schedule. I propose that we all jump off that speeding train and take time to not only appreciate the true meaning of […]

Could it be that cracks are forming in President Trumps’s wall of defense? Mark Galli, the editor of “Christianity Today” a magazine founded by Billy Graham, wrote an editorial  calling President Trump’s behavior “profoundly immoral.” He wrote, “The reason many are not shocked about this is that this president has dumbed down the idea of […]

The Christmas Tree Is Not An American Original Of all the people that celebrate Christmas, few know anything about the history of Christmas trees and why people have them as part of their Christmas décor.  The Christmas tree did not originate as an American custom. The idea of setting up a Christmas tree as part […]

The political issues of today, namely the impeachment of a president, have caused me to reflect on how we have come to what some feel is a constitutional crisis in America. I do not wish to be political. But, I hope that you will take a few moments to understand better the foundation of the […]

As a topic, making mistakes, your friends may have you wondering how in the world mistakes could be your friend. The thought of such a relationship might seem highly unlikely. However, little speed bumps and detours on this winding road, known as life, can serve as the keystone for overall success and fulfillment as a […]

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are generally the most anticipated events of the year. This is the time that families often get together for a reunion with friends and relatives. It is also a time of gift-giving and merry-making. However, it can also be a source of depression and stress.   At this time of […]

The gift-giving season is here, and it just happens to be Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Worldwide, December is the biggest gift-giving month. Remember, keep safety on your mind as you think of gifts to make the little ones in your life happy.    Sadly, more than a quarter-million toy-related injuries are treated by hospitals every […]