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When it came to making the kind of funk that burned up dance floors and parties all over, the SOS Band were front and center. With three gold records to their name, the Atlanta band made it quite clear and certain that they would create timeless jams that would last for decades upon decades.

These are the essential SOS Band tracks everyone should know. Be prepared to get your jam on with SOS Band at Majic Under The Stars on October 20th!

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1. “Take Your Time (Do It Right)”

The disco staple became SOS’s most beloved song from their debut album when it arrived in 1980.

2. “Tell Me If You Still Care”

After hooking up with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for their fourth album, the band landed two back to back hits for On The Rise, the oft-sampled “Tell Me If You Still Care…”

3. “Just Be Good To Me”

And “Just Be Good To Me.”

4. “No One’s Gonna Love You”

More funk for your soul with a little “No One’s Gonna Love You” … like I do.

5. “Do It Now”

A gem from their sophomore album still bringing all the heat.

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