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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is heavy. HEAVY. But the heaviness doesn’t hit until the end, and out of nowhere. Buckle up. We start the episode with Bonnie at her sister Julie’s place. Julie isn’t too thrilled to see her. It’s clear that they trigger each other. However, Julie invites Bonnie in and Bonnie meets her niece (who is a little girl). At the same time this is going on we hear Annalise explaining to Frank that Bonnie reverts back to that abused little girl when she’s around her sister so this isn’t good for her.

Speaking of Annalise, she meets with the governor who seems to be trying to make a truce. The gov explains that she has been adversarial toward Annalise because she hates losing, but she took a step back, did some soul searching and prayer, and wants to work with Annalise now. The deal is, Annalise can spearhead the Fair Defense Project where she allocates state funds to cases, and draft a bill to work toward getting people out of jail and reducing Pennsylvania’s prison population by 50%. This sounds great but we all know Annalise trusts no one, especially the governor, and this means she’d have to leave Caplan and Gold, so she really has to think about this.

Annalise’s boss, Emmett, is obviously pissed when he learns the news and does what he can to convince her not to take the deal. He even finds a clause that says the state funds would be contingent upon whatever quota Annalise can meet, meaning, the more people that get off means the more money she’ll get. Gotta read the fine print! We all know Annalise was going to, but Emmett is a desperate man so he beats her to it.

Annalise calls the governor and asks for a set budget instead of this quota situation and an immediate pardon for Nate Sr.who’s still in jail despite his charges being dropped because the mental health facility he’s supposed to move to has a long waiting list. Messed up much? The governor says she can check with her people about the budget but the Nate Sr situation is something she has to think about.

Back to Bonnie. Bonnie wants answers, so Julie explains that their father told the nurse that Julie was the baby’s mother so they let her take the baby from the hospital. Then, once they got home their father took the baby somewhere unknown. Their mom believes the baby was sold. Dad told Julie that he’d kill her if she ever told anyone. Bonnie calls Annalise who tells her not to believe that story and not to get sucked back in. Annalise wants Bonnie to come back to Philly, Bonnie wants to stay and torture herself (and snoop around), so Annalise dispatches Frank to do what he does best–stalking. It turns out that Julie goes to drug counseling meetings (like AA) so Frank has infiltrated and he managed to record. At one meeting, we hear Julie explain that she’s protecting Bonnie by hiding things from her because if she knew the truth it would kill her.

Emmett takes another crack at convincing Annalise to stay at Caplan and Gold and she decides to stay, but then she gets a call from the governor. The gov claims she’s an ally and that she’ll free Nate Sr if she takes the job. We all know Annalise won’t be turning that down. So, Emmett takes his L quietly because he understands that this is where Annalise’s heart is, and it’s a major job, but he’s obviously hurt and angry.

Frank finds out that Bonnie’s son’s name is Jake and her dad probably did sell him to someone who lived 20 minutes away from them. Julie knew about this and even checked on him at one point but they called the cops on her. He shares all of this with Bonnie, of course. Bonnie confronts her sister and demands the truth. Julie claims that their dad was going to keep the baby home with them (and we all know how crappy that situation was), but jumped out of the car with the baby, on the way home from the hospital, ran into the woods and buried him. She promised Bonnie she’d protect him so that’s what she felt she did.





Annalise heads to Nate Jr’s house and gives him the good news. Then Nate gets a call from the prison saying there has been an incident and that’s when we cut to a dead Nate Sr on the ground.


And feels.


In next week’s episode, we hear Annalise saying she got played. Was it Emmett? Was it the governor? WHO DID IT!!! OMG!


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