Another Shondaland favorite is about to wrap up. The upcoming sixth season of popular Viola Davis led drama How To Get Away With Murder is set to be its last. ABC announced the move on Thursday with 15 additional episodes added to the 2019-2020 broadcast season. “Viola Davis made television history with her unforgettable portrayal of iconic female […]

Bonnie and Nate find themselves working together after a series of unfortunate events leads to murder, Annalise learns the truth about Gabriel, and more.

Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is heavy. HEAVY. But the heaviness doesn’t hit until the end, and out of nowhere. Buckle up. We start the episode with Bonnie at her sister Julie’s place. Julie isn’t too thrilled to see her. It’s clear that they trigger each other. However, Julie invites Bonnie […]

Annalise and her students score a major victory, Bonnie spirals into sadness after Nate digs up her past trauma, and more.

Nate and Oliver are missing at the wedding, Annalise is one step closer to getting Nate Sr. out of jail, and more.

Nate's investigation into Bonnie's kidnapped baby pulls up yet another bombshell discovery about her past, Annalise loses a case, and more.

Nate uncovers more interesting facts about the baby in question, Frank gets closer to Gabe to make his spying easier, Annalise takes on another challenging case and more.

TGIT fans, listen up because 2018 is about to kill the game! It was announced earlier this week that the ultimate TGIT crossover is happening, as Scandal’s Olivia Pope and How to Get Away with Murder’s Annalise Keating are set to meet…For. The. Very. First. Time! It all started with a couple of Instagram photos […]

In an extremely layered season finale, we find out that Wes' killer is linked to Laurel's father.

Things aren't looking too good for Annalise, as more and more charges get piled up against her.

After several grueling months of waiting for the official return of ABC’s TGIT line-up, fans were dealt another blow today when it was announced that Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder would not be returning on their scheduled January 19 date, but instead all three have been pushed back an additional […]

We finally found out who was under the sheet and we're devastated, but we can't get any real answers until January.