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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder picks up 24 hours before Connor and Oliver’s wedding. We find Frank, Laurel, and Bonnie watching Gabriel prep his clothes on the spy cam Frank set up in his apartment. Laurel says she refuses to watch Michaela get played (Gabriel is Michaela’s date to the wedding) and that Frank should tell everyone who he is or she will. Frank says he hasn’t done anything yet because he doesn’t know what he’s here for. Bonnie says that they should say nothing in order to keep Annalise and Michaela safe. Meanwhile, we’re all still wondering what the exact connection between Gabriel to Annalise actually is.

Annalise and Nate are busy plotting to destroy the governor and they ask Bonnie to come over because they want her help. Apparently, Miller made a call to get Nate Sr. moved up on the hospital wait list. They need the name of his contact in case he and that person were involved in the cover-up. Bonnie is still not feeling Nate so she wants him to do it himself but he resigned from the DA’s office. Bonnie pulls Annalise aside and tells her not to do this because she’ll get them all killed messing with the governor. She also pulls a petty move and tells Nate that Annalise is drinking again because of all of this and we still don’t know that she’s even going to help them.

It’s officially the wedding day and there is a lot going on, of course. One of those things going on is that Annalise is not planning to come to the wedding. However, Connor wants her there so he stops by her apartment to beg. Annalise says she hates weddings. She didn’t even have her own (she and Sam went to the courthouse). Connor says this is hard to believe because Sam seems like the big wedding type. Annalise drops the bombshell that she was the other woman so Sam had already been there, done that with big weddings before her. Connor begs her to come because she’s the reason he met Oliver in the first place. We get the feeling that this is enough to move Annalise because she’s really just a Grinch waiting for the right catalyst to make her heart grow.

Michaela rushes to Nate’s house to inform him that she had Oliver hack the warden’s cell phone records on the day Nate Sr. was killed. The warden got a call from an unlisted number that Oliver couldn’t trace so this could be the call that set off the tragic chain of events and Michaela thinks Nate needs to use his connects at the DA’s office to trace the number. Nate tells her to scram, but he’s fronting because that’s exactly what he does. He gets a connect to trace the call.

Oliver and Connor’s actual wedding at the church goes off without a hitch, but the reception is where all the shenanigans go down. There’s a moment where Annalise is in the church by herself while everyone is partying and Gabe finds his way to her. He smells the alcohol on her breath and talks about how he’s worried about her and that he doesn’t want her to end up like his mom. Annalise is sloppy so some things are spilling out of her purse and he helps her gather her things before she finds her way to the party.

Michaela asks Nate, in front of Bonnie, if they found out who called the warden. Bonnie wants to know what she’s she talking about? Nate steps out because he gets a call from his connect and she has the news that he wants to hear about who made the call. She tells him to check for himself and he’ll see.

Miller made the call.

Insert ominous tone here.

In related news, Bonnie never tried to kidnap Laurel’s baby. What had happened was, Laurel gave her baby to Oliver’s mom, Mrs. Hampton, so that she could go to the bathroom. Bonnie sits next to Mrs. Hampton and eventually, Mrs. Hampton wants to dance so she gives the baby to Bonnie who then goes for a walk with him outside. Hold that thought.

Annalise is dancing in the crowd, but then she spots Frank standing toward the entrance, looking like Mike Meyers, so she steps to him to see what’s up. He hands her Gabe’s birth certificate and she goes off. She slaps him and then shoves it back at him and walks away. But we still can’t see what it says.

Then we cut back to earlier that day. Bonnie’s boyfriend, DA Ron Miller is telling her not to trust Annalise and basically trashes her and tells Bonnie to let her go. We know that’s not going to happen. Bonnie says she doesn’t trust him and she doesn’t want to go to the wedding with him anymore.

However, Miller shows up at the reception and tells Bonnie to come outside because he wants to talk. This is before she got ahold of the baby. He tries to get her back on his side but Bonnie tells Miller that she knows he had Nate’s dad killed (she figured it out). Miller vehemently denies this and it seems like he’s holding something back but all he manages to get out is, “Bonnie you know me!” Bonnie ain’t with it. She tells him not to touch her again and goes back inside. Miller goes back to his car for a second but decides not to back down so he tries to follow her but gets thwarted by Nate. We do the same song and dance again where Nate confronts Miller about setting his dad up and even shows him a photo of himself allegedly making the call as proof. Miller still cops pleas but Nate snaps, legit just like his dad, and starts wailing on Miller to the point where he’s near death.

At this point, Bonnie has baby Chris and she’s taking him for a walk outside. That’s when she happens upon Miller laying on the ground with a bloody face and barely clinging to consciousness. Nate is leaning on a tree, in shock by what he did but also, still angry, and he tells her that Miller called the warden. Bonnie snaps, puts the baby down, walks over to Miller, and finishes the job by suffocation.

Oliver, who was one of the missing people, was actually just on the phone with his dad (who is in another country for work), who encouraged him to make a grand gesture toward Connor—and that he does. He serenades his man with John Legend’s “All of Me.”

Bonnie and Nate figure out a contingency plan in their post-murder haze. Bonnie heads back inside with the baby and Nate gets rid of the blood in the snow. In doing this, he finds an engagement ring on Miller’s body, which is more ammo for the theory that perhaps Miller actually didn’t set up Nate Sr. Perhaps he’s a pawn in all of this. What if he was being used as a pawn because the puppet master wanted Nate Jr. to snap?

You just never know.

Finally, Annalise goes back home and she’s a wreck. She breaks down crying, then Gabes lets himself in her apartment talking about, she left her keys at the church, but actually, he stole her keys. She demands to know what he wants with her being that he’s Sam’s kid. Remember when she said she was Sam’s other woman? Remember how Sam had Groupon Penis, in general? That man slang his D everywhere so yeah, Gabe is his love child. What’s not clear, however, is, is Gabe the product of Sam cheating on Annalise or was he created with Sam’s previous wife around the time Sam was cheating on her with Annalise.

Lastly, what does Gabe want! The suspense is killing us!


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