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A video shared on social media has people in an uproar about one particularly curvy professor.

Like #TeacherBae before her, this particular college professor is instructing her class and is wearing a blouse with form fitting pants. The reactions to the video have been mixed, from some appreciating her figure to showing up in class on time to wondering who exactly was recording the video.

Others blamed a culture of sexualizing women. “Can y’all please leave women alone??? It’s not like her ass is hanging out; she’s dressed appropriately for job. If you’re distracted, speak for yourself,” one Twitter user replied.

Elsewhere on the Majic Instagram, one user wrote, “She stated she teaches a college class and she can dress comfortable and she feels comfortable wearing jeans and heels… she’s fully covered and she’s very curvy… no matter what she wears you will still see her curves…”

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