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We love music and we love Black women; but music by a Black woman that celebrates the beauty and power of Black women?! We live for that!

Danielle Brooks who you know and love as Tastee on Orange Is The New Black just dropped her first single entitled “Black Woman” and it is beautiful. The song tackles the criticism Black women face and the double standard when it comes to which features make a woman beautiful.

She says, “you want my thighs, you want my stride, but not this melanin.” Which many women can relate to, people want Black features and characteristics but when those same thighs are on a Black woman they’re suddenly less appealing.

Brooks told Buzzfeed that she hopes the song makes Black women feel, “empowered” she continued, “I want them to feel on top of the world. I want them – when they’re home, and they just had the worst day of their life, or just had the best day of their life – to play this song and feel like they could take over the world.”


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