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Mayor Sylvester Turner - Opp Ex

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Houston

Before the festivities began at Opp Ex, Mayor Sylvester Turner addressed the crowd at Opp Ex with a message of inspiration.

“This expo today is making it possible for you to go to that next step. It’s not just about getting a job, it’s about getting your mind right and more,” Turner said on stage. “You just gotta let people know I can do this.”

Turner gave an example of someone who never ruled themselves out from a perspective job as well as used himself as a moment of inspiration. “People of color, women, we have to make sure we don’t rule ourselves out because we never have been. And if you rule yourself out, you never will be. Look at me, I had never been the mayor of any city before. And if I never applied for it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m the 62nd mayor. All of the previous other mayors had never been mayor before. But they all applied for a job they never had. Just because you’ve never been there, doesn’t mean you’re not destined to be there. Sometimes you have to be bold enough to blaze the path. You have to see more in you than others see in themselves or in you. But if its destined for you, then you’re already equipped for it.”

Watch a snippet of Turner’s opening remarks at Opp Ex below.

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