BMW Studio Sponsorship_RD Houston_July 2019
Blanco Brown

Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Digital

Blanco Brown‘s The Git Up dance has everyone from police officers to teachers and more hitting and participating in the fun. Now the Atlanta based singer hits the Kandi Store with Kandi Eastman inside the Houston BMW Studios to discuss his career, writing songs for a host of your favorites, how “The Git Up” blew up and more!

On The Reaction To “The Git Up”:

“It’s the best feeling in the world. A song that keeps on giving, that’s God-given right there. I put out a one-minute video clip back in April so … with the people that it’s touching and the impact around the world? I can’t help but smile.”

On His Family Members Who Told Him He Sucked:

“Oh yeah growing up? My mother used to keep it right. Now I did suck though but my family now? They get it! It was one of those things were I didn’t have confidence, so I had to find my pocket. I was always a little different and it all came together. My mother loves it.”

Watch the full interview with Blanco below.