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Kenny Lattimore knows he married a good woman.

Ahead of his upcoming tour, the ageless singer checked in virtually to the Houston BMW Studios with Funky Larry Jones and Ali Siddiq to discuss his brand new album Here To Stay but also him hitting the road with his wife, Judge Faith. The “Not Too Busy” singer revealed not only every lyric and song was inspired by his wife, she was the muse for every single note!

The couple has been married for nearly two years now and have found themselves closer than ever even with the pandemic.

“We got married right before the pandemic,” Lattimore says. “Then the whole world just shut down after so we were very fortunate. I know some people didn’t like the person they were quarantined with but I’m was very fortunate to be quarantined with Faith. She’s amazing.”

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In Lattimore’s words, the two met through mutual friends and their Houston connection resides with gospel producer Aaron Lindsey and thought the two would be good for one another. “You and Faith are on the same soundwave when I talk to her and maybe you should just meet each other.” Lattimore recalls Lindsey telling him. “So we hooked up to do lunch and talked for hours and just developed a relationship that led to marriage and happiness.”

He added, “I think Aaron sent her the sexiest picture he could find of me and then he sent me a picture of her that was so gorgeous of her because she was in Miss America and part of the pageant world. He jokes about that, ‘Let me send the right picture so they can see each other in the right light!’

The purpose of the duo’s new tour not only promotes her new book, Sis Don’t Settle but also brings Lattimore back to the stage for the first time since the pandemic. “I’m grateful for a wife that women respect,” Lattimore told Uncle Funky and Ali and in his words, he’s thankful for every morning he gets to wake up next to his wife.

“My Lord, she gets up before me. So when I wake up and open my eyes, I say, ‘Ah, she’s still here.” Lattimore says. “I feel like I’m in an awesome place in my life. What I have to give right now is at a greater level.”

Watch the full interview with the trio up top!

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