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We are all in the spirit of spring cleaning, managing out-of-date wardrobes, finally scrubbing that mildew in the shower, and accomplishing the overall seasonal rites of sanitation. But what most people forget to tackle is office space— and a clean office space is a happy office space. We offer tricks of the trade that will re-energize your modus operandi from 9 to 5.

1. De-clutter

Before you start the revitalization, get rid of all the clutter that has littered your office space. Old papers, files, and supplies should be thrown away or recycled. This feat may take some time, but afterwards you’ll already feel the energy sweeping through the room.

2. Organize

Purchase products like magazine racks, shelves, and desk organizers that will keep your supplies and resources in order and close-at-hand.

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3. Feng Shui

How could we not include the ancient Chinese theory of interior aesthetics? Where your desk is situated is the most important aspect to freeing the energy in your space. Place your desk so that you face the door— the ultimate power position. Avoid placing your desk against a wall with your back facing the door, as it will interfere with the balance of your chi.

4. Add Color

Bursts of color are instant energy suppliers. If you can, paint your walls or use furniture and accessories to provide a colorful oomph.


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