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At every HBCU, it comes that particular time of year when organizations within the National Pan-Hellenic Council begin the intake of new members and have a reveal of these members at what is called a probate.

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At the probate, you will find that a lot is happening at once, so it is essential to be prepared for anything and everything. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for this time of year.

Do: Cheer On Your Friend Or Loved One

For all the hard work, dedication, and perseverance it takes to pledge, a Black Greek Letter Organization deserves to be celebrated. This is your time to make them feel special and appreciated. Paraphernalia from their respective organization is always appreciated. Still, if some of the items are out of your price range, you can always purchase other thoughtful items, such as things that are personalized or a financial gift.

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Don’t: Be Loud In Times Where It’s Not Appropriate

While probate season is an exciting time for everyone involved, it is essential to be mindful of the energy within the room. There will be moments when everyone is up and cheering, while other times, only a few people are cheering. In these moments, use discernment to see when it is most appropriate to speak or cheer. It is best not to talk as the new members are saying their organization’s history or if they are singing songs so that others can hear them.

Do: Bring Something To Cool Down.

As you can imagine, probate season can be crowded with everyone looking to support their loved one. Sometimes these events can even be outside. With this in mind, you should bring something to cool down, such as a fan or cup of ice, to ease the heat amid excitement. You may not always be able to leave where you’re sitting, so bringing this with snacks and maybe even a portable charger is essential.

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