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Jack Freeman‘s been singing the blues for a while now. Hailing Donny Hathaway as his biggest inspiration, the Houston native found his “Nobody” track as part of Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It Netflix series last November. After hearing it on the Quiet Storm with KG Smooth, you can watch his “Nobody” video, shot by […]

Springboard South 2015, in short, is a music festival, conference and trade show designed to help independent musicians get to the next level with the help of famous artists, music professionals & great fans.  We want to be many things to many groups of people – Our job is to get it heard by the right […]

PHILL WADE can best be described as an extraordinary entertainer.  He’s a comedic mastermind with incredible improv skills whose brought laughs galore and so much more to millions of people all over the world.  Based in Houston and wildly popular from his first YouTube viral hit, “Trey Songz Impersonation,” Phill Wade has released a series […]

Rodney Poe (RP) was born and raised in Milwaukee WI. Rodney Poe started singing at the tender age of 9. He started singing in the church with his brother and sister in a group they called “The Precious Poe’s”. After dedicating 10 years to singing and composing music in the church, Rodney Poe was ready […]

James Albert Taylor was born September 18, 1953 in Vicksburg, Mississippi to Reverend Miller C. Taylor and Francis Taylor, the youngest of seven kids.  Taylor has been known as “Taylor James”, “JT Smooth”, “James Pane” and “Nite Beat”.   “Taylor James” will be his permanent alias. He began writing, recording and producing songs and music in […]

Derrick Finch, better know as D.Finch, but performs under the name Mista Finch is an underground songwriter and R&B recording artist hailing from the southwest side of Houston, Texas (SWAT). Born in Detroit, Michigan D. Finch seems to be born to make music. He moved to Texas to live with his grandmother when he was […]

Who Is THE C.I.T.Y. ? When you say Funk, Soul, Rhythm and Blues you must be talking about The C.I.T.Y. This vibrant and boldly fresh conglomerate of artistically talented young people brings hard work and a downright gift to take over a stage. They have an appeal backed with personal works of music that define the […]

Jack Freeman has been other things; a student, a physical trainer, and a collegiate football player among others. But Jack Freeman is one thing: a singer. He hinted at such on his debut EP, Dark Liquor, a six-song set of tracks that flashed moments of undeniable talents, and crystallized the point on his most recent LP, Lynnie’s Juke Joint, […]

If you’re a local R&B artist and looking get out there more, we’ve got your chance!  Introducing Majic’s Rising Music Star!  This is your chance to be featured on Majic 102.1’s website where your music can be heard, not only Houston, but the world!  To submit your song just send an MP3 file, a headshot […]

This young lady is awesome she has what it takes to be the next big artist out of H-Town remember you heard it first from Majic 102.1

ForwardTimesOnline.com is reporting that veteran radio legend and Houston community icon Wash Allen will be broadcasting his final show on KCOH Radio, after an illustrious career at the station. Allen, who has been at KCOH Radio (1430 AM) since 1971, is presently the host of the popular “Confessions With Wash Allen” daily radio talk show […]

Yes, it’s that time of year again. If you haven’t already gotten your back-to-school supplies, you’d better get them now since school starts again for many kids around the country after the holiday weekend. Some have already started but you know sales will be jumping off this weekend so make sure to catch them. Mary […]