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A closet filled with tangled tops and mismatched shoes is tough to navigate in the morning. If you’re tired of the hassle and disorder, put a stop to it with these easy habits.

* Where to begin: Hold your own once-a-year fashion show. Empty the closet, then try on each garment in front of a full-length mirror. Does it fit? With what outfits and on what occasions will you wear it? Does it need mending? Will you ever be able to get out that ink stain? Separate pieces into four piles: keep, mend, donate, throw away. Follow the same steps for shoes. Now you can start organizing the keepers, eking out extra space with over-the-door storage and hanging shelves.

* Toss mismatched hangers: Their irregular shapes take up more space, and the wire ones that dry cleaners use are hard on your clothes.

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* Keep your clothes stored by outfit: For example, store cardigans with matching slacks, blazers with skirts, rather than by type. Then return hangers to the closet so the hooks face out. Once you’ve worn a set, hang them the other way (with the hook facing in). At the end of a year you’ll be able to tell which clothes you haven’t worn — it’ll help streamline next April’s fashion show/spring-cleaning.


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