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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to fete your mom with flowers and to wear macaroni necklaces from your own tots. But it’s also an excuse to really connect, to dig in deep with the woman who had the bravery to bring you into this world. We asked some of our favorite bloggers what they want to talk about with their moms and what they hope their own children will one day ask them. Read on for ways to collect stories about your mother that will will stand the test of time.

1. What was your childhood like?

Imagine what it will be like to one day share nuggets with your own kids about your time as a tot. “I love painting a picture of how I was a child once too,” says Ruth of GraceLaced, “skinning my knees, failing a test, talking back to my parents, sneaking a candy bar, choosing my friends.”

The same goes for your own mom. Especially if there’s a divide between you, asking your mom about her time as a kid — what she liked to do, what she wanted to be when she grew up, what her role in the family was — can help humanize her. “I am always glad when I have asked my mom questions about who she was when she was younger…[It’s] such essential information for me to pass on to my own children,” says Amy of MomAdvice.

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2. Do you have any regrets?

Maybe Mom wishes she’d done something different in her parenting or her career. Whether she wishes she’d written that novel or worn sunscreen, her answer will offer an insight. Says Jora of Domestic Reflections, “I’m sure her answer is something I could learn from no matter what it is.” Give mom a giant life eraser and ask her what she would do differently if she could go back.


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