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FROM BV ON MONEY: Based on the data from Payscale.com, the major you choose in college can play a huge role in how much money you have in your pocket after you graduate. I don’t personally think that choosing a low-paying major is a bad thing, but you should probably make sure you know what you’re getting in to before you decide to sign up. So, here’s the list of majors that you might want avoid if you’re interested in making the big bucks.

Social work

This is a great career full of many rewards, but money is not one of them. According to the National Association of Social Workers, this is the fastest growing career in the United States. The average starting salary is $33,400. You can expect to make about $41,600 by mid-career.

Elementary education

This job is very important, because we need someone to take care of our kids. But we don’t pay them what they are worth, since their average starting salary is $33,000. By mid-career, you can earn about $42,400.


Lord knows we need good theologians, but most of them aren’t getting rich off the collection plate (except for the bad ones). The average starting salary is $34,800 and you can earn $51,500 by mid-career.


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