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If you live in a NYC apartment, you know most kitchens are really really small, and if you enjoy cooking you know how frustrating it can be when you’re short on space.

Here are some tips on how to expand a small kitchen:

1. Figure out what will you really use in regard to cooking equipment.

2. If you want the George Foreman grill and the rice cooker, can they be stored elsewhere in the apartment if there is no room in the immediate kitchen area? Consider alternative storage places…like under the bed or in a closet if you need to.

3. Counter space rules in a small kitchen. Put as much away or on shelves as possible to keep your counter tops clear.

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4. If possible, put the paper towel holder on the sink cabinet door as well as a basket for the liquid soap and sponge. A pull out towel rack can be fitted in a very small space in the sink cabinet as well.

5. Have a nearby closet? Use the inside door as a spice rack, hanging spot for pots on a wire grid, flat pans, or other tools for easy access.

6. Use base cabinets to keep trash cans out of sight.  I installed a pull-out and roll-out cabinet organizer to store my trash can.

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