So you’ve started working out to get back in shape. But, did you know your Kitchen can also be out of shape? has a list of things to help get your Kitchen in shape and a list of whats in an out of shape Kitchen. Guess which one you probably have? Click here for […]

The search for answers continues into what caused the motel fire that resulted in the deaths of four Houston firefighters. Today, investigators revealed they’re concentrating…

The kitchen in most people’s house is the heart of the home and, if big enough, where much of the communal activity takes place. The state of the kitchen is very indicative of the well being of the individuals living there. So, this week I wanted to give you 5 quick and easy tips to […]

(From Keeping a kitchen clean is a task that few of us enjoy. However, it has to be done, so why not make cleaning up as easy as possible?

If you live in a NYC apartment, you know most kitchens are really really small, and if you enjoy cooking you know how frustrating it can be when you’re short on space.

Want to transform your kitchen on a budget this summer? No need to burn a hole in your wallet, all you need to do is use bright, bold colors to compliment what you already have.

The kitchen can be the hub of the entire house. Few rooms require as much meticulous and constant attention as the one where we prepare our meals.