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As Father’s Day gets closer, I find myself leaning towards the classic card and Best Buy gift certificate.  But not only does Dad order whatever he wants from online shopping networks, but the amount of money that I could put on a gift card would maybe get him a few CD’s (if he’s lucky).  As I see the summer approaching without much change in his wardrobe, I realize that girls can give their dads something much more useful for Father’s Day: their own, personalized makeover!

Let’s face it: we all watch Dad getting ready to go out and we have at least 5 suggestions for him.  It’s our chance to help him out.  Spend your money on a cute card and something to add to his wardrobe while making the bulk of your gift be awesome ideas for him.  Get rid of his obscure patterned ties and give him something more modern and summery.

Rather than the huge, sometimes unflattering t-shirts, re-introduce Dad to the plain white T.  A t-shirt and jeans is comfortable, light, and definitely more attractive than a huge t-shirt with lots going on.

I’m not going to generalize and say that all Dads wear patterns, but I have definitely seen a lot of that happening this summer. Rather than making them ditch all clothing with anything exciting happening, just have them taper off from the Hawaiian t-shirt look.  Go for something with patterns or stripes, just a little less intense.

Hot sunglasses are in.  Although the modern eye-wear is pretty different from what Dad’s are usually caught in, give them a little taste of what is happening now.  Even if they aren’t ready for something huge, throw some cool rims their way and see how they feel.

There’s nothing worse than a tan from high socks. Not only are ankle socks much more comfortable, but they work better with shorts.  Let Dad in on this little secret!

Lastly, don’t forget to remind Dad about those small things that sometimes slip their minds: keeping facial hair tamed, using lotion, and taking some time to relax!

Anymore Father’s Day ideas that will really make a difference fast? Share with us!

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