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According to, Urology is defined as “the scientific, clinical, and especially surgical aspects of the study of the urine and the genitourinary tract in…

Legendary actor, comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday. The Walk of…

What does the “Average Black Girl” look like to you? Does she look like the Olivia Pope’s on television reciting lines? Maybe the Michelle Obamas of the world? Or perhaps the average black girl looks like those we honor and remember during [Black History Month] like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman’s? Ernestine Johnson recites her experiences as an […]

This is hardly a definitive list of smart brothers, but we wanted to give props to a few we knew across the age gamut who’ve contributed mightily to overcoming the stereotype that black men can’t be intellectual. These brothers read, write, teach and speak and do their part to brighten up the world with their […]

*There is no doubt that I am a black woman, I am probably what is considered to be a real black woman, kinky haired, so called now described type 4 with no real curl pattern with which to classify it as good hair.

We’ve all expressed our opinions, vented, aired it out, and in my heart of hearts, no matter how we got to this point, I believe most of us share a common goal – to re-elect President Obama. Fly Jock

Not every black person makes it to college, and among those that do, not everyone graduates. But for the ones who go on to get that important credential, representing for their alma mater can become a big part of their lives. Last year, British archeologists analyzed the remains of an African woman said to be of high status in the Roman Empire. Her existence and burial were dated around the second half of the fourth century.  

It’s that time of the year when most of us become ultra conscious of all the things we have been doing wrong in our lives and vow to fix them beginning January 1st – or January 15th depending on whether or not your resolution involves procrastination. Thelma Johnson Streat was a black female artist who left a rich cultural legacy in both art and dance. By 1947, she was among the only four African-American artists had been known to have solo showings of their artwork in New York City, the others being Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis and Rose Piper. Thurgood,’ the one-man Broadway play starring Laurence Fishburne in his Tony-nominated performance as Thurgood Marshall, the remarkable Civil Rights lawyer and Supreme Court Justice, will debut Feb.24 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT during Black History Month, exclusively on HBO. Omar Ibn Said was a prominent Senegalese slave born in the late 1700s who had spent over 20 years studying with Muslim scholars in Africa before being captured and brought to Charleston, South Carolina.