The holidays are always tough for those who’ve lost someone during the year. Whether it be a parent, a beloved aunt or uncle, a grandmother, a child or even a friend, grief hits in waves that few are truly prepared for. WhatsYourGrief has compiled a list of 64 tips to help you keep pushing forward […]

12/14/17- It’s the holidays and your kids are raving all about it but you’re not feeling it. What do you do? Sherri goes to the strip club to get a dance from her “Santa.” Kym, on the other hand, dresses her son up like an elf and teaches him how to make her “special eggnog.” […]

  12/9/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with fitness coach Jasmine Graham to discuss how to handle meals and staying fit during the holidays “If something is gong to happen through your day, meetings, work, life, things can definitely get in your way. If you can’t get out, you can do something in your home. […]

  11/29/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Dion Metzfer and Dr. Ayo Gathing to talk about coping during the holidays and making this season stress-free. “The holidays have so many things going on. You have travel and events…women feel more anxious and more irritable.” Click the link above to hear the entire interview. […]

You come for the food, but may leave with a headache unless you follow these tips.

12/22/15 –  Dr. Faith Brown provides useful tips on how to get over the holiday blues in this edition of Jacque Reid‘s Inside Her Story. Like…