Majic’s Line Dance Of The Week

  There’s no school like ol’school….and your gonna love this!

    Think you can get the steps down? Say it with me: “Yes We Can Can”

    Source: Life Boat / Getty youtube Here’s a bonus featuring a song by Houston’s own Lady Audrey and the Superior Band.

    This is a super cute line dance that will probably take me all year to learn.   I’ll keep you posted!

Check out the line dance of the week, Marcia Griffith’s Electric Boogie.

Check out the line dance of the week, The Harlem Shuffle (Rollingstones Edition)!

Tank had dropped his new single “Dance With Me” and comes with a line dance. Check out how to do The Love Step to Tank’s “Dance With Me” and teach it to others! We like it so much we’ve made it the Line Dance Of The Week!