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Diddy announced to Naomi Campbell and his followers that he is in charge of where the Black vote is going. His good friend Kenny Burns and others strongly disagree.

Yesterday, the man who goes by names hopped on Instagram and shared a video featuring his friend, world-renown supermodel, Naomi Campbell, with the caption “Attention to all … THE BLACK VOTE WILL NOT BE FREE THIS YEAR.”

In the video, the self-proclaimed leader of all Blacks (we don’t know when this happened) declared that he would be holding the “Black vote hostage” until Joe Biden adopts a Black Agenda that will directly address issues plaguing the Black community.

Diddy’s longtime friend, Kenny Burns, wasn’t feeling the leader of the #VoteorDie movement and responded in the comments:

“Puff, this is VERY irresponsible at this point. The only option is to get Trump out of the office. Come on, champ!!! Encouraging people to stand by is NOT AN OPTION. #VoteorDie”

Burn’s comment didn’t sit well with Brother Love, and he subsequently deleted it and blocked him from his account altogether Burns revealed in an Instagram post.

While some were with Puff on his announcement, there were many who sided with Burns are calling Diddy out for his ill-timed decision and questioning his motives.

While we understand that Puff”s intentions are definitely not coming from the wrong place, and he just wants to help Black people. We also understand why some Black folks are giving Puff the side-eye being that the primary mission is to get Trump out of the White House, and his mention isn’t helping cause its only causing dissent among Black voters.

This is the latest drama Diddy has found himself in. Earlier this month, during his dance-a-thon, he was accused of fat-shaming Lizzo after he told her to stop twerking but allowed Draya to shake her cakes.

You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

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