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Happy Birthday to all these celebrities born in April!

Happy Birthday! Celebrities Born In April! [PHOTOS]  was originally published on

1. Kid Ink, April 1st

Kid Ink, April 1st Source:Getty

2. Quavo, April 2nd

Quavo, April 2nd Source:Getty

3. Marvin Gaye, April 2nd

Marvin Gaye, April 2nd Source:Getty

4. Traci Braxton, April 2nd

Traci Braxton, April 2nd Source:WENN

5. Yoyng M.A., April 3rd

Yoyng M.A., April 3rd Source:Getty

6. Eddie Murphy, April 3rd

Eddie Murphy, April 3rd Source:WENN

7. Paris Jackson, April 3rd

Paris Jackson, April 3rd Source:WENN

8. Maya Angelou, April 4th

Maya Angelou, April 4th Source:WENN

9. Jill Scott, April 4th

Jill Scott, April 4th Source:WENN

10. Kelly Price, April 4th

Kelly Price, April 4th Source:WENN

2018 Soul Train Awards at the Orleans Arena, part of the Orleans Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

11. Pharell Williams, April 5th

Pharell Williams, April 5th Source:WENN

12. Juicy J, April 5th

Juicy J, April 5th Source:Getty

13. Jidenna, April 5th

Jidenna, April 5th Source:Getty

14. Sterling K. Brown, April 5th

Sterling K. Brown, April 5th Source:Getty

15. Greg Mathis, April 5th

Greg Mathis, April 5th Source:Getty

16. Christopher Reid, April 5th

Christopher Reid, April 5th Source:WENN

17. Billy Dee Williams, April 6th

Billy Dee Williams, April 6th Source:WENN

18. Jackie Chan, April 7th

Jackie Chan, April 7th Source:WENN

19. David Otunga, April 7th

David Otunga, April 7th Source:WENN

20. Billie Holiday, April 7th

Billie Holiday, April 7th Source:Getty

21. Dej Loaf, April 8th

Dej Loaf, April 8th Source:Getty

22. Skai Jackson, April 8th

Skai Jackson, April 8th Source:Getty

23. Jazmine Sullivan, April 9th

Jazmine Sullivan, April 9th Source:Getty

24. Keshia Knight-Pulliam, April 9th

Keshia Knight-Pulliam, April 9th Source:WENN

25. Shay Mitchell, April 10th

Shay Mitchell, April 10th Source:WENN

26. Q-Tip, April 10th

Q-Tip, April 10th Source:Getty

27. Babyface, April 10th

Babyface, April 10th Source:WENN

28. David Banner, April 11th

David Banner, April 11th Source:WENN

29. Claudia Jordan, April 12th

Claudia Jordan, April 12th Source:WENN

30. David Letterman, April 12th

David Letterman, April 12th Source:WENN

31. Ty Dolla Sign, April 13th

Ty Dolla Sign, April 13th Source:WENN

32. Al Green, April 13th

Al Green, April 13th Source:Getty

33. Da Brat, April 14th

Da Brat, April 14th Source:We TV

34. Jacquees, April 15th

Jacquees, April 15th Source:Film Magic

35. Karlie Redd, April 15th

Karlie Redd, April 15th Source:Getty

36. Akon, April 16th

Akon, April 16th Source:Getty

37. Chance The Rapper, April 16th

Chance The Rapper, April 16th Source:Getty

38. Martin Lawrence, April 16th

Martin Lawrence, April 16th Source:Getty

39. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, April 16th

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, April 16th Source:Getty

40. Selena, April 16th

Selena, April 16th Source:Getty

41. Tami, April 17th

Tami, April 17th Source:Getty

42. Redman, April 17th

Redman, April 17th Source:Getty

43. Kimberly Elise, April 17th

Kimberly Elise, April 17th Source:Getty

44. Althea Heart, April 17th

Althea Heart, April 17th Source:Getty

45. Kourtney Kardashian, April 18th

Kourtney Kardashian, April 18th Source:WENN

46. America Ferrera, April 18th

America Ferrera, April 18th Source:WENN

47. Amina Buddafly, April 18th

Amina Buddafly, April 18th Source:Getty

48. Suge Knight, April 19th

Suge Knight, April 19th Source:Miami Herald/TNS/

49. Shemar Moore, April 20th

Shemar Moore, April 20th Source:Getty

50. Luther Vandross, April 20th

Luther Vandross, April 20th Source:Getty

51. Killer Mike, April 20th

Killer Mike, April 20th Source:WENN

52. Terrence J, April 21st

Terrence J, April 21st Source:WENN

53. Cathy Hughes, April 22nd

Cathy Hughes, April 22nd Source:WENN

54. Machine Gun Kelly, April 22nd

Machine Gun Kelly, April 22nd Source:Getty

55. DJ Drama, April 22nd

DJ Drama, April 22nd Source:Getty

56. Sheri Shepherd, April 22nd

Sheri Shepherd, April 22nd Source:Getty Images

57. George Lopez, April 23rd

George Lopez, April 23rd Source:WENN

58. Cedric The Entertainer, April 24th

Cedric The Entertainer, April 24th Source:WENN

59. Kehlani, April 24th

Kehlani, April 24th Source:WENN

60. Hazel-E, April 25th

Hazel-E, April 25th Source:Getty

61. Ella Fitzgerald, April 25th

Ella Fitzgerald, April 25th Source:Getty

62. Channing Tatum, April 26th

Channing Tatum, April 26th Source:Getty

63. TOO SHORT, April 28th

TOO SHORT, April 28th Source:Hot 1079

64. Erica Campbell, April 29th

Erica Campbell, April 29th Source:@arturoholmesphotos

65. Master P, April 29th

Master P, April 29th Source:Getty

66. Travis Scott, April 30th

Travis Scott, April 30th Source:WENN

Leeds Festival – Day 2 – Performances paparazzi

67. Lloyd Banks, April 30th

Lloyd Banks, April 30th Source:WENN