In 1999, Catherine Jones and her then 12 year old brother Curtis Jones became the youngest children in the country’s history to be charged as adults for first-degree murder. Only 13 her self, it was reported that the two plotted to kill a family member who was accused of sexually abusing them both, as well as […]

Marriage Can Kill You: Don’t Use The Gun. Over the weekend, I listened to a friend vent his marital frustrations: “She doesn’t Love me, We haven’t had sex in years, she wants to keep the kids, they’re all I have to live for…” Then on today, I’m reading news on the a murder-suicide of a […]

Today in “We were rooting for you news,” Shanesha Taylor, the woman who made her way into our lives after being arrested for leaving her…


A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that the former president of Penn State University and two university administrators must face trial on obstruction of justice and other charges related to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. Prosecutors allege that the three lied to a grand jury when they said they did not know about allegations […]


Did Kris Jenner abuse and neglect her children? If the alleged diary of ex-husband Robert Kardashian is true, the shocking details could affect her public image. The diary, first reported by TMZ today, is at the center of a lawsuit which pits the Kardashian kids–Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Jr.– against Robert, Sr.’s former wife, Ellen […]

HOUSTON (AP) — Investigators say a Houston-area man who saw a neighborhood couple fighting outside their home has shot and killed the husband to protect the…


Child abuse is a troubling pandemic that affects over three million children in the United States every year. Last year, the State of Texas witnessed over 270 child abuse related deaths. Although child abuse/child maltreatment cases are trending up, there is a workable solution to help stave this widespread dilemma. For starters, check out Prevent […]

My husband and I have been married for eight years, but we’ve been together for ten years. Over the years he has done some awful things to me. You name it he has done it, cheat, lie, steal, physically abusive, and verbally abusive. He has walked out on me five times. He has stayed out […]

Local Penn State Alumni are still trying to absorb the punishment handed down against their school. But they are convinced some good will come out…

Last week, a former high school athlete was exonerated on rape charges after his accuser admitted she had lied about the sexual assault. In 2003,…

In a shocking video, a man was caught on camera in a laundromat stuffing his young child into a washer machine, and then locking the doors behind him. In the video, both parents are present during the incident, the mother initially appears to watch unfazed by the action.  


Via: Chyna Young, an 18-year-old who inspired others with her determination to remain part of her child’s life despite her own devastating injuries, died recently in a Louisiana hospital.  Young, who was shot by her boyfriend when she was three months pregnant, spent months at TIRR Memorial Hermann after being shot and paralyzed from […]