As often happens within the faith, especially with a younger generation of believers, finding a good church home can be tough. You could have easily subscribed to Bedside Baptist but something within you compels you to just get up and enjoy worship with like-minded people. For those of you looking for an ideal church home […]

The late great Bernie Mac explains how chasing money won’t leave you to success on the Oprah network. He also gave on few reasons why you should invest in yourself.  Check it out below.  Enjoy!  

  Eric Thomas, aka E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher, was asked to speak to High School All American Football players about having a Sound Mind and Sound Body. Listen as ET instructs the athletes on the importance of separating yourself from the pack.  Check it out below!

Here’s a list of 20 health tips everyone should know. Check it out!  

Jim Kwik is a globally recognized leader in memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. In his lifetime, he’s sustained two traumatic brain injuries that left him with significant learning disabilities. But despite the obstacles he had to overcome in recovery, he became obsessed with the brain and its superpower-like capabilities. He has now turned […]

We all want things to happen in our lives, but too often we want it now. God wants us to live by Discernment-revelation knowledge and there is actually something happening while nothing is happening. God uses waiting to change us! RELATED: Daily Devotional: “5 Things To Do Instead Of Complain” RELATED: Daily Devotional: “Faith Like Mama’s” RELATED: Daily […]

Love as a word describes an emotion with vastly differing degrees of intensity. We can say we love ice cream and chocolate, and we can pledge our love to a husband or wife until our dying breath. Love is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. Humans crave love from the moment of existence. And […]

Michael Jackson explains how to find your zone and take yourself to the next level.  Check it out below.  Enjoy!

Check out my Motivational Monday video of the day. It’s a clip from Dr. Eric Thomas “You Owe You” speech where his special guest Inky Johnson talks about the culture of winning and loosing. Check it out!

Check out Bill Gates’s top 10 rules for success. It might help you take your career to the next level.  Enjoy!

Check out Muhammad Ali’s I am the Greatest highlight reel and speech!  Do you feel that Ali was the greatest boxer to step foot in the ring?  Let me know by voting on our poll below!

Check out this motivational message from Actor Sylvester Stallone.