Mr. ‘Crazy-Deranged’ Martin Lawrence is BACK! ‘Thin Line’ Part 2 is coming.   This week actor, comedian and writer Martin Lawrence revealed via Instagram that he’d “just finished writing “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 2” and that he is UBERLY excited! The funnyman who originally made his way into our hearts as a […]


You’ve hit the streets. You’ve carried picket signs. You’ve joined choruses “No Justice, No Peace,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and even “Fight the Power.” You were angered…


Tamika Mallory of the National Action Network has a message to all who are seeking to make a change in our community. Click here to READ MORE.

News is now selling ‘D’jango Unchained’  action figures.  It’s seem to spark some controversy with some people and now Project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali and a coalition of African America community leaders are boycotting the sell of the toys. Read more here.


Denzel Washington, who is in the midst of publicity rounds for his current film, “Safe House,” is reportedly negotiating to star in another action drama involving Universal Pictures.

Talk about it only enough to do it.  Dream about it only enough to feel it. Think about it only enough to understand it.  Contemplate it only enough to be it. –Jean Toomer                                                On this day,  I pledge to stimulate and encourage my sons interests and ambitions,  and recognize that what they do now is […]

It takes too much energy not to care! –Lorraine Hansberry On this day,  I will take five minutes  to discuss with my sons something that bothers them, and then we will brainstorm possible actions we might take to make things better. Read more…

If you just say, “Lawd have mercy,” an don’t mean that, why, ain’t nothing gonna hapin. When you say, “Lawd have mercy,” an mean that, you git credit for it. It’s a bright place in yo livin. –Mance Liscomb On this day,  I will take five minutes to talk to my sons about the idea […]