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Mr. ‘Crazy-Deranged’ Martin Lawrence is BACK! ‘Thin Line’ Part 2 is coming.


This week actor, comedian and writer Martin Lawrence revealed via Instagram that he’d “just finished writing “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 2” and that he is UBERLY excited!

The funnyman who originally made his way into our hearts as a standup comedian in the early 90’s and as stinky breath ‘Bilal’ in the original House Party movies, has had much success. From his unforgettable characters like Sheneneh Jenkins on the hit show Martin  and countless other personas in several of our favorite comedy-action movies such as National Security, Big Momma’s House and Bad Boys I and II, Martin has made a name for himself in the film world; a name that is synonymous to the words quality, ‘must see’ and just plain funny.

Mr. Crazy-deranged himself posted that he has completed the script to the ‘Thin Line’ Sequel and bids us to get ready because it’s #comingatyou.

I don’t know about you, but I site the 1996 ‘Thin Line’ film as one of my all-time favorite Martin Lawrence films and can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the characters of Darnell (Martin), Brandy (Lynn Whitfield), Mia (Regina King). I wouldn’t even mind it, if they brought back the character Tee! (played by Bobby Brown).


I may just go home and pull out my copy of part 1 on VHS!