SZA shared a text message from her mother, who offered her some sound advice on dealing with stress. In the text, her mom wrote, “Remember, you can even eat an elephant one bit at a time. To help change feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, jot down all the stuff that’s making you crazy, then write beside […]

EVERYTHING doesn't need to be said. No matter how true it is or how BAD you want to say it...

Don't make it a summer of cardigans trying to hide the girls.

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Never lend more than you can afford to give is good advice. The idea is that sometimes well-meaning people borrow money or items and when…


As my heart skips a beat about all the drama coming my way now that Scandal is back and my girlfriend (in my head) Olivia…

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Let’s talk about sex, Beauties (and love and relationships too)! From new research on how your hair color affects your dating choices, to the latest…


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This is real and he should know.  According to TMZ, Stevie Wonder thinks Marvin Gaye‘s family should take higher ground (see what we did there) legally speaking — because their crappy lawyer is getting them into a lawsuit with Robin Thicke they can’t win. Stevie was fired up when we got him outside LAX, and says the fuss about […]

Jill Scott has some advice for fellow single moms raising black men.  She told that it is important for single moms to only say good things about your son’s father.  She said, “Don’t talk bad about his dad. If you have to bite your tongue in half, do that before you start talking crap about his dad. […]