Amy Winehouse’s father’s stance on Amy — the documentary about the late singer’s life, has not changed despite the doc receiving an Oscar award Sunday night (February 28th). Mitch Winehouse took to Twitter early Monday morning (February 29th) and said, “Always proud of my baby. Amy will not get an Oscar though. Just Asif Kapadia. […]

Another one of the great artist gone much to soon. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011. In a new documentary call, ‘Amy’ about the late singer’s life, now has an official trailer. Amy discusses remaining true to herself in the video. ‘I wouldn’t write […]

It’s been almost four years since the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011. A new documentary about the late singer’s life and career called Amy, now has an…

A coroner says that Amy Winehouse died as as a consequence of drinking too much alcohol. According to TMZ, the “Rehab” singer’s blood alcohol level was more than 4 times the legal limit at the time of her death. Coroner Suzanne Greenaway described the situation as, “Death by misadventure,”noting that Winehouse voluntarily pounded an extraordinary […]

Today would have been Amy Winehouse’s 28th birthday, and to mark the occasion, her family has released the singer’s final recording before her death. The track which was recorded  in July, features the unlikely pair in a tender and often playful mood in the studio.Amy blew us all away with her powerful vocals. Like many […]

Amy Winehouse’s grandmother told a British paper today that Amy Winehouse was in the process of adopting a 10 year old girl from St. Lucia, reports. The young girl, Dannika Augustine says she met Amy during one of her visits to the island. “Amy was already my mother. I would call her mum and […]

Winehouse’s soulful, throaty vocals brought the British musician stardom in 2007, but her troubled off-stage life — chronicled in her Top 10 hit “Rehab” — won her notoriety. Her death came less than two months after her latest release from a rehabilitation program and weeks after she was booed offstage by disappointed fans in Belgrade, […]

With the death of British soul singer Amy Winehouse shocking the music world today, we have decided to take a look at singers and musicians who had their lives cut short — most specifically, at the age of 27. Here is the list: 1. Kurt Cobain The rock star from Seattle who captured the hearts […]