What is causing so much more stress this election season and how do we fix it?

Kid Cudi just entered rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Here are other celebrities who have struggled with mental health issues.

How many hours do you spend at the office each week? Recently published in the journal PLOS One, A new study finds that workaholism is statistically linked with anxiety, depression, O-C-D, and A-D-H-D. The researchers found that 7.8 percent of the nearly 16,500 adults they studied were workaholics. Researcher Cecilie Andreassen notes in a press […]

1. “I believe in you.” 2. “I am here if you need to talk.” I also like for my wife to tell me that she is praying for me. Click here for More and feel free to add.

One mental health consultant says that social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter really cause anxiety and stress in teenagers. Stefani Weiss is the health consultant, and she says that the number of followers a teenager has on networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can cause them a great deal of anxiety, and […]

It sounds like to me the moms are just getting high Read More

According to EURWeb.com, Whitney Houston’s face was under water in the bath tub when she was found at the Beverly Hills hotel yesterday.  The report, from TMZ, says that Whitney claimed to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and took Xanax before big shows. She was scheduled to perform at the Clive Davis party last […]