Fast Food Workers Could Walk Off The Job In 100 Cities Today. Read More

You can tell that the holidays is all about the money Macy’s has decide to open on Thanksgiving breaking a long time tradition Read More


The White House reports President Barack Obama is okay after hackers take over the Twitter account of The Associated Press. The hackers reported President Obama was injured in dual blasts at the White House using the @AP account. The tweet appeared around 12:07 p.m. CST: Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured […]

According to the AP, this year has been horrible because so many people have been getting shot.  Gun laws may need to be changed.  A man was shot right in front of Morgan State University. Read More

According to the AP, the late burly actor Michael Clarke Duncan had plenty of celebrity friends such as Tom Hanks, Stevie Wonder, Loretta Devine and Tom Hanks to come out to mourn and also celebrate his life and career. Read More

According to the AP, one has to wonder is President Obama not getting any love at all because he is black.  The tension is in the air.

According to the AP, a 100 year old man running into an 11 year old school student is something you just don’t see every day.  Matter of fact, most, if not all 100 years NEVER drive to begin with.  

According to the AP, in the very beginning Joe Jackson was so upset about his legendary son Michael Jackson's death that he filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Now 3 years later? He's taking it all back. Wonder what happened to make Joe change his stance?

According to the AP, actor Michael Clarke Duncan can’t seem to shake the heart attack that he had a near month ago.  He remains hopsitalized.

According to the AP, Katherine Jackson needs plenty of rest but no one knows about her whereabouts.  So where is she?  Is she ‘really’ ok?

According to the AP, President Barack Obama was shy at first during a basketball game when the ‘kissing cam’ spotlighted he and his wife, first lady Michelle Obama but once it rolled back around again, it was on!!!