High-end Headphones and big Celebrity endorsements are all over the place, but do they really sound as good as they look? Why do they cost so much and is it truly high quality audio? If all you care about is BooM BoOM BoOOOOM!!! in your ear regardless of the other sonic qualities in the music […]

The fact that the most powerful gospel singers in the game, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Donnie Mcclurkin and Marvin Sapp are coming to Houston at the Reliant Arena on September 27th is enough to listen to this quick interview.  They have a ton of chemistry, not just spiritual but all in fun as well.  As […]

The title to this interview can make anyone feel uneasy, however, this is exactly what she had to go through. Former ABC News Weekend anchor Carole Simpson is an intelligent ‘black’ woman who has been through a lot and for years kept it under wraps.  Not anymore though, she has a story that really needed to be told.  Throughout […]

Many will tell you that Urban Mystic’s voice doesn’t match his physique because he is small in stature, however, whenever he sings or speaks the room will shake.  He stopped by the TJMS this morning to promote his latest singles, ‘Morning’ and ‘Name On It’ on his ‘Love Intervention’ (coming out later in the year).  […]

Actor/comedian Corey Holcomb hopped inside the TJMS to talk with Skip Murphy and crew this morning  while he’s on tour at the Addison Improv (Texas) to give his wacky relationship advice on the ‘Top 10 ‘Things NOT To Do When Dating’.  That’s the only reason why he came to the show and we enjoyed every […]

She’s not joking , Madea has no shame in her game, not afraid to tell anyone she once danced on the pole and strolled the corners (doing lord knows what) and now she is in the witness protection program.  Uncle Joe, Madea and of course, director/actor Tyler Perry (voicing all characters) all show up in this interview with the […]

Tom’s ‘Red Velvet Cake’ studio was full of lovely women who wants to hear the strong armed voice of r&b crooner Tank and believe us, he brings it….So click on the audio as he sings his first hit ‘Maybe I Deserve’ and he definitely gets the ladies involved….Check it out for yourselves.

On the TJMS this morning, comedian Tommy Davidson reflects on the show that brought him to fame, ‘In Living Color’…Especially when he thinks about all of the different impersonations he brought to the table such as Sammy Davis Jr., MC Hammer, Spike Lee and a bunch more….He manages to sneak an impression in on this […]

If you listen to the TJMS then you aslready know that J. Anthony Brown and George Wallace will go at it with mama jokes and of course, false accusations….This morning was no different and at George Wallace’s last standup show Dick Clark attended and not long after Dick Clark past away….So J. is blaming the death […]

Yea, he is that bold, Huggy talks about Viagra, strippers, strip clubs and all kinds of subjects….It’s up to you to take his advice or not…Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about this one.

[AUDIO]….Your TJMS producer ‘Dorail Crayton’ outright thinks that Michael Jackson is ‘alive and well’  and appears on tv in disguises (in this case it’s the reality tv show X Factor) and although he’s not the only one, J. Anthony Brown loves to point him out to the world….Tom instigates the whole conversation and Sybil feels sorry for […]

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Kieth Sweat’s brand new album Til The Morning that hit stores everywhere yesterday. I’ve been somewhat excited about getting to work today to write this story. Even though it’s 2011 this album still carries that classic Keith Sweat sound.  The 11th studio album from the R&B legend includes features […]