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The title to this interview can make anyone feel uneasy, however, this is exactly what she had to go through. Former ABC News Weekend anchor Carole Simpson is an intelligent ‘black’ woman who has been through a lot and for years kept it under wraps.  Not anymore though, she has a story that really needed to be told.  Throughout her incredible accomplished career, she has had to deal with behind the scenes sexist remarks, racist remarks that made her feel downright awful because no matter how much she blazed the trail, ceratin employees at her job let her know she was just a ‘black woman’, not a national news anchor.

This morning she called the fly jock Tom Joyner and crew to talk about her new memoir entitled ‘NewsLady, dealing with many trials and tribulations behind the scenes. Only fear of having a lawsuit filed against her kept her from naming names of people who disrespected her; however, in the book she does name their job titles and positions.  No one knew about this up until now, so make sure you listen to this exclusive intimate interview about what she had to go through and how she decided to take the bumps and bruises so that young black Americans or any minorities can follow in her footsteps to glory.  Thank you Carole Simpson, your blood, sweat and tears hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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