Michael Strahan wants to make it clear that he was not the bad guy in the behind the scenes drama at Live. He recently sat down with People to discuss his exit from the show and his relationship with Kelly Ripa. Michael said, “The most disappointing thing to me was that I was painted as […]

Is age just a number when it comes to relationships? Seth Meyers, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Overcome Repetition Syndrome and Find the Love You Deserve says, “While there are always exceptions to rules, a good rule to remember is that dating someone more than ten years older will present challenges now or later that […]

Money can’t buy love and it can’t raise your kids, either.  According to Daily Mail, New research finds that parents who are obsessed with their work, wealth or social standing attach less meaning to the act of child rearing, compared to those who can separate the two. Canadian researchers say they found the effect to […]




A new study suggests that loneliness might be bad for your health by harming the immune system. The research showed that people who are lonely had more reactivation of latent viruses in their systems, and were also more likely than others to produce inflammatory compounds in response to stress, a factor that’s been implicated in […]

That’s right, your resolution can just be wrong.  You should really read this. Click here to READ MORE.

According to a new study published in Psychology Science, writing down your negative thoughts and throwing them in the garbage can erase your bad mood. Lead researcher, Dr. Richard Petty, a professor at The Ohio State University, says for the experiment 83 people were asked to write down thoughts on their body image, then throw […]

Bad posture can lead to some surprising health problems.  See what blackdoctor.org reports on how it can even hurt your life expectancy. Click here to READ MORE.

There might be a reason that this song didn’t make the original BAD lineup. The song’s title is head turner, even by today’s standards. However, the good folks at Epic saw fit to include this song in the 25th anniversary re-release of the BAD album. Check the video out below and let us know what […]

Twenty-five years ago today, Michael Jackson released “Bad,” his seventh studio album. The album didn’t sell as much as its historic predecessor “Thriller” (no album in history ever has), but it’s five singles all went #1 including “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana.” As part of the 25th […]