The City of Houston and the surrounding area have no shortage of places to get Barbecue. From trailers and food trucks to pits and spots,…

Barbecue sauce is used to help add flavor to grilled or smoked meatball over the world, but its origin in the United States is not quite clear, however the earliest sauces were popularized by African slaves who were said to have advanced the development of American Barbecue. Most real barbecue masters make their own sauces […]

OK  I am tripping because none of the events are in Texas (What The What) we have to get up on our game!! Click here 4 BB Que Events Smoked, Spice Rubbed, Texas-Style Brisket on Texas Toast ngredients 3 tablespoons ancho chile powder 2 tablespoons kosher salt 1 tablespoon allspice, ground 1 tablespoon celery seeds 1 tablespoon […]

Makes. 8 servings Preparation time. 10 minutes Cooking time. 10 to 12 minutes per pound at 225°F if you use the foil wrap Serve with. Grilled asparagus and grilled sweet potato steak fries Wine. A slightly sweet rosé is traditional, and with good reason. A hint of sweetness pairs with the glaze an balances the saltiness. Among my other faves are rieslings […]