Donald Glover gave a shout-out to the Migos during his Golden Globes acceptance speech and the Internet went wild.

CNN Reporter Zain Asher held back tears as she reported on the news of her brother Chiwetel Ejiofor nomination for the Academy Awards Best Actor for his powerful performance in  “12 Years a Slave.” She talked of how she and her brothers were raised in a small hut in Nigeria, and her mother had to fetch […]

Actor Morgan Freeman found to be the most trusted celebrity in America as a result of Visa searching for someone to be a trusted representative during the 2012 Olympics. See who else made the list. Click here to read more.

According to, the biggest upset of the night arrived in the form of Meryl Streep’s Best Actress win for “The Iron Lady,” a surprising triumph over “The Help” star Viola Davis.  Here’s the complete list of winners.  Read More: