News has published data from their study DEADLY FORCE, IN BLACK AND WHITE revealing the great disparity between deaths of black and white teens at the hands of Police. It’s eye-opening and something you should see for yourself. Click here to see’s report DEADLY FORCE, IN BLACK AND WHITE.

So you’ve started working out to get back in shape. But, did you know your Kitchen can also be out of shape? has a list of things to help get your Kitchen in shape and a list of whats in an out of shape Kitchen. Guess which one you probably have? Click here for […]


  As part of its “I Will What I Want” campaign, apparel company Under Armour tapped black ballerina Misty Copeland to show off her amazing athleticism while…


Your local barbershop probably consists of TVs broadcasting ESPN, animated banter on almost any subject and music to match the vibe of the shop. The…

It’s a real School Daze as our Educational System creates Inmates.  So what are we to do? Click here to READ MORE.

How often have you heard it said that black Americans don’t support each other economically? It’s a common refrain in conversations around sociopolitical uplift for…

The Same

Stephanie Mills is still active and shares her plans for the future with Click to READ MORE.

Erykah Badu talks with about her daily routine for Healthy Living that keeps her going “ON and On” Click here to READ MORE.

It’s troubling news for all Women, however Black Women are most at risk. Take a moment to understand more about the trouble with your heart. Click here to READ MORE.

After reading this article, the question was asked.  Is Beyoncé the highest paid black musician of all time?  According to MTV, Beyoncé is expected to make well over $200 million by the time her Mrs. Carter Show World tour wraps this year. The tour is already the highest grossing by a female artist in 2013 […]