It’s likely at some point in your life, in times of stress, someone’s told you to breathe deeply. Well, according to TIME, Now new data shows breathing deeply through the nose, and out through the mouth really does impact brain activity. Northwestern University researchers found participants were able to recognize faces expressing fear faster when […]

Although I suffered from Asthma as a child I was fortunate to grow out of the condition.  That’s how they said it back then.  But many deal with Asthma all of their lives and it wasn’t until I was older and had a musician friend die from an Asthma attack that I finally realize how […]

Check out this great story about breathing from FOX News, When someone tells you to relax they’ll often say “breathe,” and it works. Scientists say that controlling your breathing has many long-term health benefits. Deep breathing is known to activate a relaxation response which Professor of psychiatry Murali Doraiswamy says, “potentially [decreases] inflammation, [improves] heart […]

For those with Asthma the changing seasons are a serious thing. Check out a few things we found to help control Winter-Related Asthma. Click here to READ MORE.


According to the AP, it seems as if coffee, Red Bull, Monster and any other energy drink may become a drink of the past….There’s a new lipstick sized tube in town that can be inhaled with a burst of caffeine.

Singer Al Jarreau has been hospitalized for precautionary breathing issues in France. We found a press release on his site: To his fans and supporters, Al sends out a warm hello from the small French town of Gap. Last night, July 22, during his pre-concert warmup routine, Al decided to take precautionary measures and admit […]