Sickle cell patient Kendric Cromer, 12, became the first person in the world to receive a F.D.A. approved gene therapy treatment that could cure the condition. The post Black Boy, 12, Is 1st Person Ever To Receive Groundbreaking Sickle Cell Gene Therapy Treatment appeared first on NewsOne.

What’s on your plate can help maintain not only your muscles and curves but your heart as well. These items of everyday eatery may need to get the boot according to cardiologist...

Do you know a Black man with a garden? If so, give that man his flowers; he deserves them. Every Black man you know should consider building a garden in their apartment or home and for good reason. Besides the obvious reason like good air quality in the bachelor pad, green life can work wonders […]

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are generally the most anticipated events of the year. This is the time that families often get together for a reunion with friends and relatives. It is also a time of gift-giving and merry-making. However, it can also be a source of depression and stress.   At this time of […]

Yoga has become one of the more therapeutic suggestions in regards to relieving stress and fitness. Houstonians will have a chance to enjoy yoga en mass as the Fifth International Day of Yoga takes place on June 21st at 6 p.m. Taking place at Midtown Park (2811 Travis Street) and hosted by the Consulate General […]

Here’s a healthy vegan chickpea salad made from Youtube Ainsley Rodriquez. Enjoy!

Here’s a list of 20 health tips everyone should know. Check it out!  

Check out these simple tips on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s Wednesday but I like to call it Wisdom Wednesday Wisdom. This week feature is Actor Denzel Washington. He gives a motivational speech on some of this trials and tribulations that had made him the success he is today. This video is a must watch and I feel will truly change your life for the […]

Via Methodist Hospital: The Methodist Hospital will provide free breast health services to women between the ages of  40 – 65 years old (65+ without Medicare coverage)  *Uninsured or have insurance that does Not cover preventative screenings *A resident in the local service area  call  713- 441-3926 to schedule a free mammogram today through grants […]

Mental health

We’ve all heard at this point the various benefits of mediation. Personally, I love the “idea” of meditation but traditional meditation is tough for me. If I’m already antsy, telling myself to sit still and be quiet can sometimes feel like punishment. “Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done!” No thanks! […]

A number of ready-to-eat salad brands with meat have been recalled because they may contain corn and other products contaminated with salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and 7-Eleven are among the retailers selling the salads included in separate recalls. GHSE LLC, GH Foods CA, LLC, Mary’s Harvest Fresh Foods, Taylor Farms […]