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In the midst of so much racial tension in the country right now, it’s always nice to see some good news involving people of color and much-needed diversity. Online giant eBay just announced that they have hired the first-ever Chief Diversity Officer for the company and the lucky recipient of the job is a Morehouse […]

My wife grew up on the North side of Houston and I grew up the South side and we always have this debate what side has the worst drivers what do you think?   Do you agree with these results? Here are the 5 states with the worst drivers: Louisiana South Carolina Mississippi Texas Alabama And […]

It’s been reported that  40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been impacted by the breach. Read More

This horse meat was passed off as beef and sold in supermarkets and restaurants around Europe.

Fast Food Workers Could Walk Off The Job In 100 Cities Today. Read More

I was traveling two weeks ago and I was thinking how can I get into first class and this is how Read More 

I’m always kind anywhere I go not because I’m trying to get something extra but it’s the Godly thing to do but I have to admit in my kindness I have been bless with some people going the extra mile for me but I also hear these 4 words can help you out as well. […]

I like Chipotle they have good food at great prices but like anything else all good thing must come to a end  Read More