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As women continue to be heavily influenced by celebrities and their frequent use of plastic surgery, many find themselves resorting to dangerous and even deadly measures to mimic the overly enhanced look that they see glorified on a regular basis. This is exactly what happened to a Florida woman who died as a result of […]

  11/18/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Apryl Michelle Brown to talk about her new book, More Than A Body and forgiving herself after an illegal butt injection left her with no limbs and no butt cheeks. “Anytime we hit the ground and we hit darkness…I really thank God for all the spiritual […]

Vinne Lysander Taylor injected women in hotel rooms, charging anywhere from $800 and $1000 for the initial injections and between $350 and $800 for subsequent injections. Authorities believe Taylor made $1.59 million from the fraudulent injections.

Also in today's roundup, the Boko Haram terrorizes more villages in Nigeria and President Obama is at odds with House Democrats over today's vote on the Pacific Trade Deal.

Police are on the lookout for a New York woman who posed as a doctor and performed a butt lift surgery resulting in the death of a 34-year-old patient, ABC…


A Maryland woman is dead after a botched illegal butt injections operation.

From our sister station TheBoxHouston.com – Former exotic dancer turned author Vanity Wonder is exposing the truth behind illegal butt injections with her new book, Shot Girls. The phenomenon that she says has everyone from the strip clubs to women of every age, race and career doing it, almost cost her her own life. She […]


CNN.com is reporting that a judge has ordered a singer Padge Victoria Windslowe also known as “Black Madam” — suspected of carrying out a fatal injection last year — to stand trial on charges she performed illegal cosmetic procedures, including buttocks enhancements. Police arrested Windslowe in March before she was about to host a “pumping party,” […]

Go ahead Skip, J. and Sybil, laugh at Dr. Conrad Murray and the Michael Jackson is ALIVE conspiracy theorists but you don’t have to call us ‘broke’….Then again?…In this recession?….They may be right…