President Barack Obama has launched his bid for re-election with the new theme, “It Begins With Us”. This kicks off the campaign to accept contributions for the re-election race. Obama’s first fundraiser will begin in Chicago, April 14th. You can check out more of his campaign here.


As the face of Rocawear, Melanie Fiona went somewhere tropical to shoot the campaign for their Spring/Summer 2011 line. We’re assuming she’s in Puerto Rico since that’s where her fellow spokesman Trey Songz went for his photo shoot. Check out her photos below! Trey Songz Heads To Puerto Rico For Sexy New Rocawear Campaign [PHOTOS] […]

It’s Choose You TIme…   I Kandi Eastman have made a commitment to put my health first by joining the American Cancer Society’s “Choose You Movement”.  I’m staying active.  Parking further away from the elevator, taking the stairs, and taking a evening stroll a few times a week. Black Breast Cancer Survivors

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