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So, according to The Rachel Maddow Show,

The 52-year-old former British spy who put together the still-unsubstantiated dossier on Donald Trump went into hiding Wednesday (January 11th) just before the Wall Street Journal revealed his identity.

Christopher Steele, a former British MI6 officer who reportedly headed the Russian desk, put together the dossier when he was hired by the campaign of another Republican presidential candidate — reportedly Jeb Bush — to dig up dirt on Trump.

After Trump won the primary, the Democrats reportedly began paying Steele for the opposition research, but after he came up with information pointing to Russia potentially having compromising personal and financial information on Trump, and to Trump’s campaign allegedly communicating with Moscow during the presidential campaign, Steele gave the information to the FBI. Trump denies the claims in the dossier.

A friend of Steele’s told The Telegraph newspaper that Steele was terrified for his family’s safety after finding out that his identity was going to be revealed. Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to have had journalists and others who’ve been critical of him killed.

This is WILD!!

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