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Here’s how criticism should positively impact your career.

I did not always embrace my status as an entrepreneur. I mean, WHO desires to jump feet first, sight unseen, into a pool of inconsistent pay, trifling clients, and loved ones who just do not understand why you are working for yourself ? To be 100 percent honest, I am still struggling with accepting my […]

Lawyer, talk show hostess and author Star Jones has had a long and healthy career in the entertainment industry. As most people know if they’ve read…

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Former Def Jam Records President Kevin Liles has made a career of helping entertainers get to the top and stay there. Now he has launched a non-profit effort to help ordinary people get their acts together.

The economy’s current state might be better than it was in the tail end of 2008, but it definitely has room for improvement. The unemployment rate cracked 10 percent and companies continue to cut jobs. People want to find jobs now, and understandably so. The march toward recovery is frustratingly slow, however, which means job […]

Your boss shows up late, sneaks out early, ignores e-mails and winces at work-related questions. Sound familiar? Many managers are burned out from trying to get more work done with fewer staffers and resources. Some have even stopped caring. That can frustrate employees who can’t get questions answered, are waiting in vain for decisions to […]

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