(HOUSTON) — With the peak of hurricane season here, now is the time to review the basics of preparedness. By now, you should know that…

This story is just beyond sad.  According to ABC 13 Eye Witness News, Police were called to a Philadelphia public school after a preschool boy showed off a large amount of cash and what police have now determined is crack cocaine. Click here for the full story. Photo credit: ABC 6 Philadelphia 


Via HelloBeautiful: Want extra cash this summer?  Read more..


Via CNN.Com Experts say that by the year 2020, we may be using our cellular devices to pay for just about everything. With the rise of mobile applications and new devices that allow users to swipe credit cards from their smartphones, its believed that cash will be almost non-existent by the end of the next […]

A federal jury has convicted a man who stole mail and set up fake identities. Reports indicate that Hassan Ali Pejouhesh was convicted by a…

via: news92fm.com The Mega Millions jackpot, the biggest lottery award in the game’s history at an estimated $500 million, has millions of people dreaming, however ridiculous the odds may be. The odds of getting struck by lightning are about one in 280,000, according to the National Lightning Safety Institute. The odds of winning the Mega […]