Move over Wendy Williams, Mel B is in talks to be the next person spilling celebrity tea. Word is she’s close to landing her own show, and TV executives reportedly believe that celebrities would feel super comfortable spilling their secrets to the Spice Girl. One insider claims, “Telly bosses feel her open and approachable nature would put guests at ease — and […]

How would you live if you had the wealth of a Celebrity?  Would the money go to your head and make you a money-wasting Tyrant?  Well check out this list of Celebrities who take it all in stride and live like normal people.  Some will surprise you.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

via: forbes.com It’s been two years since Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 but the King of Pop’s earning power shows no sign of waning. For the second year in a row, Jackson tops our annual list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities. Read More

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via: cnn.com This was a memorable year for celebrities, beginning with Charlie Sheen. CNN’s Kareen Wynter looks back. See More

(From Essence.com/by Tia Williams) We don’t know if it’s our Prince obsession or the fact that purple looks so stunning on brown skin, but lately, we’ve been spotting a slew of celebs rocking purple eyeshadow. And we’re not just talking straightforward Barney purple, either — the shadows run the gorgeous gamut from pale lavender to […]

Celebs were out in full force last night in NYC, as everyone celebrate the 2010 NBA draft. Everyone wanted to party with the #1 draft pick John Wall, who went to the Washington Wizards.

Ever wondered how celebs look without all the glam gloss, makeup and flattering lashes? Well we have a gallery put together by Bossip that exposes their Au naturel beauty? Let us know who you think looks good without makeup and who needs to keep it on! SOURCE