Amazon has got its eyes set on low-income shoppers.  According to Recode, Amazon announced it’s offering a 45 percent discount on Prime membership (equating to $5.99 per month instead of $10.99 per month) to U.S. residents receiving government assistance. Shoppers with an Electronic Benefits Transfer card are eligible for the lower price but they also […]

It’s been an unseasonably warm November, and retailers of cold-weather clothing are suffering as a result. According to Consumerist, The chief financial officer of Macy’s explains to Reuters, “Those [cold weather] businesses have been tough and obviously often you go to the store to buy the coat when it’s cold, so it’s impacting other categories […]

Via TheUrbanDaily: “Give love on Christmas Day” and  some awesome gifts that will make your in-laws love you!   Read more

After family, food, football and friends some of you will be going out to shop.  Black Friday starts tonight!  Here are some best black friday deals, according to Black Media Scoop. 1. iPad Mini, $299 (get $100 gift card with purchase). Get it at Walmart 6 p.m. Thursday. 2. iPad Air, 16GB, $479 (get $100 […]

What do you think of Black Friday?  The excitement of Black Friday has worn off according to Forbes,  It seems many Americans might be tiring of the post-Turkey-Day scramble for electronics and other items. A survey from Deloitte finds that 53-percent of consumers plan to shop online or head to the store for Black Friday […]

If you’re looking to find a deal on school supplies, Walmart is the place to go. A new analysis from Bloomber Industries found Walmart prices to be 10-percent cheaper on average than on similar items at Target. The report from Bloomberg was based on the prices of about 50-identical goods, and found that Walmart’s prices […]

The atmosphere is busied from the crowd pumpin’ and the music thumpin’, but from afar you catch his gaze as he catches yours. You don’t mean to stare, but you do entranced by his handsome appearance superior to those around him. You break the stare and continue on hoping he’s still watching you. You pretend […]

  Have you ever participated in the Black Friday drama?  Do you think it has changed over the years?  Well, some say that now shoppers line up after Thanksgiving in search of steeply reduced merchandise, might be more like an episode of the classic nature show “Wild Kingdom.” has the story.  Read more:


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